You probably go through situations in your life—within your organization at work, in personal relationships, or even with how you see yourself—where you feel dissatisfied with how things stand and end up. With this website, I hope I can offer you a path towards a feeling of “Yes, I can do this!”, through acting with conscious intentionality.

It will take quite a bit of courage on your part to begin and then remain on this journey. The people with whom you want to communicate better might not immediately respond to the changes you make, and maybe you will encounter thoughts and feelings which, at first glance, may be a source of frustration. For instance, you might think, “why is it that I haven’t figured this out yet?”, or “I really should be more effective at getting what I want!”

To be clear, you will not always get what you initially want—sometimes, our ideas clash with the approach of others. Importantly, as you grow more familiar with this process, you will appreciate the outcomes you do achieve. You will feel that what you have to offer is received well, and that the people you relate to care about your contributions.

You will be learning how to stop letting moments of cross-purposes discourage you, and how being engaged with this process will, over time, help you feel more in touch with your deepest needs and values. At the same time, you will sense that it is possible to connect with the people around you in more positive and ultimately fulfilling ways.

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